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BAUER cook

Part-by-part convenience

Designed so that you'll enjoy cooking

The BAUER food processor has been devised and designed to make any dish easy to prepare. By combining the different elements, you’ll have delicious recipes conveniently prepared and without messing the whole kitchen.

Central Unit

The central unit contains the controls you’ll use to operate your BAUERcook. The process is intuitive and simple. It’s based only on time, temperature, speed and the kneading, turbo and scale functions.

Heating system

BAUERcook is the only food processor in its category that works by induction, meaning it transmits the heat through the air and not through contact with the resistors. The heating and cooling process is faster, the temperature control is greater and it goes up to 120º.


BAUERcook has two motors: one for the movement of the blades and the other for cooling. This second motor is activated automatically and is one of the many safety systems which BAUERycook includes.


BAUERcook has a 2-litre capacity stainless steel jar. The jar has a handle for easy use and a rubber lid which activates the safety sensors. It has a measuring scale on the inside to help you prepare the recipes.


The BAUERcook blades are able to crush all types of food. Use the different speeds, time variations and the turbo option to obtain the texture you want at any time.


You can use this accessory to cook food without mixing or crushing it. You can also use it to strain, filter or steam cook. When you fit it on the top upside-down, it allows the steam to be released and prevents spattering. 

Measuring beaker

The measuring beaker has a scale of measures of up to 100 ml. It is fitted to the jar lid when cooking to prevent heat loss and spattering. 

Mixing paddle

This utensil lets you whip cream and emulsify sauces, mix food without crushing it and stir the contents of the jar while preventing them from sticking. 


Use the spatula to stir the food and clean the walls of the jar. It has a safety hoop which prevents access to the blades and enables the basket-strainer to be fastened when filtering. The spatula is made of a soft, rubbery material which does not scratch the stainless steel. 

Steam tray

BAUERcook lets you steam cook food with ease. With the stainless steel tray you’ll be able to prepare healthy food with all its flavour. Use it with the rubber tray and basket and you can steam cook on 3 levels. 

Recipe book

With your BAUERcook you’ll receive a practical recipe book where you’ll find a wide variety of recipes, the functions of the food processor, a dictionary of terms and a practical guide so that you can venture into creating your own recipes.